Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun Facts

Did You Know?
  • Forest cover over 30% of earths total land

  • At the current rate in 100 years we will no longer have any existing rain forests

  • One and a half acres of forest is being cut down every second

  • We lose 147 plants and animals everyday due to deforestation

  • There are over 121 prescription drugs with active ingredient that are found in the rain forest

  • If the Amazon was a country it would be the ninth largest in the world

  • Over 20% of the world oxygen is produced by the Amazon

  • 25% of the world cancer fighting organisms are found in the amazon

  • The number of fish species found in the Amazon exceed the amount found in the entire Atlantic ocean

  • Over half the world timber and 72% of paper is consumed by 20% of the world population

Deforestation Chart


  1. very interesting facts im sure theres a stop to it!

  2. These are some very interesting facts. With all this information out there about deforestation and global warming you would think there would be more strides to save our planet. We may not see the effects of all of it now but what will the world be like for our children and our children's children.

    1. You are so right this shouldn't be taken lightly!

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  4. wat wood ur mother say abot dis?

  5. Amazing facts thanks i was doing an assesment about deforestation

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  7. Thanks for the facts about deforestation, I was doing an assessment on deforestation.

  8. hi can you please add more info on deforestation i am 12 years old and am doing a paper on deforestation and haven't had any luck

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  11. Wow! interesting facts this helped me with my Homework project.

  12. Deforestation just really makes me furious I hate how we are pretty much killing ourselves slowly. And all the animals that dye because of us they're living things as well they feel pain as well. :(

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  14. Really liked it and hope people will get aware after reading them :)
    Amazing facts...!!!